Andrés Jiménez



Andrés Jiménez-Ramírez is lecturer and Ph.D student in Computer Science at the Unversity of Seville, Spain. In 2009 he obtained the M.S. degree in Computer Science. His Ph.D research focuses on intelligent techniques for Business Process Management and Flexible Business Processes, hereby combining different disciplines, amongst which Constraint Programming, Imperative and Declarative Business Process Modelling and Planning and Scheduling. His current research interests are related to Decision Support Systems applied to Flexible Business Processes. He is a member of the Quivir Research Group at the University of Seville.


Declarative business process (BP) models are increasingly used allowing their users to specify what has to be done instead of how.
Due to their flexible nature, there are several enactment plans related to a specific declarative model, each one presenting specific values for different
objective functions, e.g., completion time or profit. In this work, a method for generating optimized BP enactment plans from declarative specifications is proposed to optimize the performance of a process considering multiple objectives. The plans can be used for different purposes, e.g., providing
recommendations. The proposed approach is validated through an empirical evaluation based on a real-world case study.