Jian Yu



Jian Yu is a Lecturer and Research Fellow at Faculty of ICT of Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. His research interests include Web services, adaptive systems, context-aware systems, and semantic Web.


Unit testing is a critical step in the development lifecycle of business processes for ensuring product reliability and dependability. Although plenty
of unit testing approaches for WS-BPEL have been proposed, only a few of them designed and implemented a runnable unit testing framework, and none of them provides a technique to systematically specifying and testing the causal and temporal dependencies between the process-under-test and its partner services. In this paper, we propose a novel approach and framework for specifying and testing the inter-dependencies between the process-under-test and its partner services. The dependency constraints defined in the business protocol are declaratively specified using a pattern-based high-level language, and a FSA-based approach is proposed for detecting the violation of constraints. A testing framework has been implemented to support the specification of both dependency constraints and test cases, and the execution and result analysis
of test cases.