Kerstin Klemisch



Name: Kerstin Klemisch
Paper: Context-aware UI component Reuse

Since 2009: PhD at UNSW, Sydney
1995-2002: MBA at University of Mannheim

Since 2012: Capability Analyst at Coca Cola Amatil, Sydney
2009-2012: Research Associate at SAP Research, Sydney
2003-2009: Senior Technical Support Consultant at SAP, Germany

Passion: Arts & Design


Adapting user interfaces (UIs) to various contexts, such as for the exploding number of di fferent devices, has become a major challenge
for UI developers. The support o ffered by current development environments for UI adaptation is limited, as is the support for the effi
cient creation of UIs in Web service-based applications. In this paper, we describe an approach where - based on a given context - a complete
user interface is suggested. We demonstrate the approach for the example of a SOA environment. The suggestions are created by a rule-based
recommender system, which combines Web service-bound UI elements with other UI building blocks. The approach has been implemented, as
well as evaluated by simulating the development of 115 SAP UI screens.