Javier Canovas Izquierdo



I am INRIA post-doctoral fellow in the AtlanMod team (Nantes, France).
I got my PhD in 2011, being Jesús García Molina my advisor. My
research interests are mainly focused on Model-Driven Engineering,
Model-Driven Modernization and Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs). One
of my main research topics as postdoc is in the DSL field, in
particular, how to create “good” DSLs, e.g., enabling end-users of the
DSL to participate in the development process.


Software development processes are collaborative in nature. Neglecting the key role of end-users leads to software that does not satisfy their needs. This collaboration becomes specially important when creating Domain-Specific Modeling Languages (DSMLs), which are (modeling) languages specifically designed to carry out the tasks of a particular domain. While end-users are actually the experts of the domain for which a DSML is developed, their participation in the DSML specification process is still rather limited nowadays. In this paper we propose a more community-aware language development process by enabling the active participation of all community members (both developers and end-users of the DSML) from the very beginning. Our proposal is based on a DSML itself, called Collaboro, which allows representing change proposals on the DSML design and discussing (and tracing back) possible solutions, comments and decisions arisen during the collaboration.