Rémi Delmas



Rémi Delmas holds an aerospace engineering degree (ENSMA-2000) and a PhD in theoretical computer science (Sup'Aero-2004).
He worked until 2009 for Prover Technology, providing SIL-4 certified formal verification solutions for the railway industry.
Since 2009 he holds a research engineer position at ONERA. His research interests are SAT/SMT based verification of security policies, embedded systems,
and more generally uses of SAT/SMT technologies to help the design of critical systems.


This paper introduces a modelling framework to perform automatic analyses on the specification of an information exchange policy.
To avoid the increase of development costs and risks of uncontrolled dissemination of information, the specification errors need to be detected
before the implementation phase. We propose a minimalistic core language to unambiguously represent an exchange policy specification and a gateway to logic solvers to verify some properties, namely: completeness, consistency, applicability and minimality. The aim is to check whether the formalisation of an exchange policy is consistent with user expectations.