Jelena Zdravkovic



Dr. Jelena Zdravkovic is Associate Professor at Stockholm University,
Sweden. She has PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences at KTH from 2006.
Prior to starting her PhD studies, Jelena worked as a software architect
and project manager for systems development. In 2004, she received MBA in
E-commerce. Jelena currently works in the area of enterprise modelling,
having focus on business strategy to IT alignment, consumer-aware
requirements engineering, and MDD.


Contemporary business environments are changing rapidly, organizations are global, and cloud-based services have become a norm. Enterprises operating in these conditions need to have the capability to deliver their business in a variety of business contexts. Capability delivery thus has to be monitored and adjusted. Current Enterprise Modeling approaches do not address context-dependent capability design and do not explicitly support runtime adjustments. To address this challenge, a capability-driven approach is proposed to model business capabilities by using EM techniques, and to use model-based patterns to describe how software applications can adhere to changes in the execution context. A meta-model for capability design and delivery is presented with the consideration to delivering solutions as cloud services. The proposal is illustrated with an example case from an energy efficiency project. A supporting architecture for the capability development and the delivery in the cloud is also presented.