Sonja Kabicher-Fuchs

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Dr. Sonja Kabicher-Fuchs is researcher at the University of Vienna, research group Workflow Systems and Technology, Austria. Her research areas include business process management (BPM) and human-centric process-aware information systems (HC-PAIS). She is co-organizing a successful series of workshops on human-centric research in PAIS, the HC-IS’13 and HC-PAIS’12 at CAiSE. She is in various program committees of BPM and IS conferences and workshops, e.g. BPM’13. Read more about Sonja:


Process-Aware Information Systems (PAIS), such as workflow systems, support organizations in optimizing their processes by increasing efficiency and structure. In such systems, the inclusion of humans beyond the typical concept of roles has not yet been paid much attention to. However, a tighter integration of human resources can be beneficial for both, employees and employers. Our contribution is the formal integration of experiences into PAIS. This integration a) enables employees to track which experiences they gain while working on process tasks, b) allows employees to express experience development goals, and c) allows employers to, based on the employees' experiences and goals, improve task allocation to employees. We introduce experience breeding, which describes how to measure experience variances that occur when employees work on certain tasks. We present a simulation design, discuss preliminary results and the potential improvements to overall task allocation effectiveness compared to standard algorithms.