David Aguilera



David Aguilera is from Catalunya, Spain. Since 2009, he is doing his PhD at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona. His main interests include the quality improvement of conceptual schemas and assisting conceptual modelers in this task.


We believe that one of the most effective ways of increasing the quality of conceptual schemas in practice is by using an Integrated Development
Environment (IDE) that enforces all relevant quality criteria. With this view, in this paper we analyze the support provided by current IDEs in the
enforcement of quality criteria and we compare it with the one that could be provided given the current state of the art. We show that there is a large
room for improvement. We introduce the idea of a unified catalog that would include all known quality criteria. We present an initial version of this
catalog. We then evaluate the effectiveness of the additional support that could be provided by the current IDEs if they enforced all the quality
criteria defined in the catalog. We focus on conceptual schemas written in UML/OCL, although our approach could be applied to other languages.