CAISE 2013 is held at the third floor (terrace) of the  Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación (CPI) at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV). See this google map for directions.


To access the conference area you must go to the entrance labeled with the four number and get the elevator (or the stairs) to the third floor (terrace). From there the main reception desk is located in the Hall J of the Red Cube. 

cpi map

How to reach the conference building by car or taxi:

  • By taxi from any city area: 8 Euros (approx.). Specify as destination: Street “Ingeniero Fausto Elio”, “Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación (CPI)”. 
  • By bike: There is a service to use public bikes throughout the whole city. This service is called Valenbisi.
  • By car: Street “Ingeniero Fausto Elio”

How to reach the conference venue from Hotel Silken and Holiday Inn

Bus (every 15 minutes): 1,50 Euros. You must use the bus line 41 whose stop is on Street "Av. De Aragón – Plaza Zaragoza". If you are at Hotel Silken the bus stop “Av. De Aragón – Calle Chile” is also close. See this google map for directions. Once inside, the bus driver can sell the tickets. You must get off the bus in the last stop of the line at the station “Av. De los Naranjos- Fausto Elio”. The bus stop is just in front of the conference main entrace. To indicate you would like to get off the bus, you must press the button “stop” inside the bus. Please, note that the same station you get off in the university is the same station you must use to come back to the hotels. 

More details about Bus routes can be queried here. Next, we show a picture of the bus and a picture of the bus station

Bus EMTEjemplo parada

How to reach the city center from the airport (8 Km):

  • By Taxi: taxi: 25 Euros (approx.)
  • By Underground: Line 5 “Torrent Avinguda”. Approx. every 10-20 minutes. Line 3 “Rafelbunyol” or “Alboraia-PA.” Approx. every 10-20 minutes. Fare to/from city centre: approx. 5€. Both lines are in the same railway, you can distinguish them depending on the destination. See section “How to reach the conference from the city center” for more information about the use of the underground.
  • By car: Take the A-3 (Madrid to Valencia motorway), once you are inside the city, follows Av Del Cid.

How to reach the conference from the city center

By Underground. You must combine the underground with the tram. You must take the underground in Xàtiva or Colón (underground, line 3). Next we describe the steps to reach the conference:

  1. You must take the underground to “Rafelbunyol” or to “Alboraya-PA”.
  2. You must get off the underground in the station “Benimaclet”.
  3. You must leave the underground and go up the street.
  4. You must take the tram to Dr. Lluch (Line 4), or to Marítim-Serreria (Line 6). (Both lines use the same railway). Avoid trams with direction Taronjers
  5. You must get off the tram at station “Serreria”.

See this map to identify the stations.You can query the underground maps for more information. (See maps). The same ticket of the underground is valid for other undergrounds and for the tram, and viceversa. Underground fares (Zone A, Valencia city):

One way: 1,50 €

10 trips: 7,20 €

Underground Machine

You must buy the underground/tram tickets in a machine. The first time you buy a trip (single trip or 10 trips), the machine gives you a cardboard ticket. Each cardboard ticket costs 1€.  Once you finish the trip, you can recharge the ticket as many times as you need using the same machines you used to buy the ticket. If you buy a ticket for one way, you can only recharge one way trips, if you buy a ticket of 10 trips, you can only recharge 10 trips (no single ones). Note that the ticket used to leave the airport (Zone D) must not be used in the city center (Zone A). See map of zones for more details. 

Please, before taking the tram, you must validate your ticket in the machine you can find at the tram station. To validate the ticket you must approach the ticket to the validation machine (a red circle). This will show how many trips your ticket remains in a small display. Please, do not validate the ticket again if you come from the underground in the same trip. Changes between undergrounds or between underground and tram are the same trip.

Example of ticket Machine to validate
Tram Ticket Example of ticket Machine to validate

How to reach the conference from the harbour area:

By Tram. You must take the tram in “Marítim-Serreria”, “Francesc Cubells” or “Grau Canyamelar” (line 6) to “Tossal del Rei”. You must get off the train at station “Serreria”.

See this map to identify the station