25th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE'13)

CAiSE'13, 17-21 June 2013, Valencia, Spain


CAiSE is a well-established highly visible conference series on Information Systems (IS) Engineering. It covers all relevant topics of IS engineering such as methodologies and approaches for IS engineering, innovative platforms, architectures and technologies, and engineering of specific kinds of IS. CAiSE conferences also have the tradition of hosting several workshops in its area. Workshops are intended to focus on particular topics and provide ample room for discussion of new developments.

CAiSE'13, the 25th instantiation of the CAiSE series, invites proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with the conference, related to the CAiSE topics, covering new emerging topics and targeting ground breaking papers in the special focus area.

CAiSE will be held at the CPI building in the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia. The conference venue is located in the terrace (3rd floor) and the different events will be held in the coloured cubes of the building. Reception and info will be located in the hall of the red cube J.

Now, you could check the how to arrive instructions here (Remember bus line 41, Fausto Elio- Av Naranjos stop, and tram line 4-6, station Serreria) and the distribution of sessions and sattelite events here. We have also prepared a map of Valencia with the important point of interests, in case you get lost!!!

On behalf of all the Organizing Team, let me welcome you to the 25th Anniversary of CAiSE in Valencia, from 17th till 21st June. CAiSE, an exciting conference, in Valencia, an exciting city. We have worked hard to conform an attractive program, both technically and socially speaking. We are very proud to have the chance of celebrating this 25th anniversary in our Universitat Politècnica de València.

Welcome to Valencia, welcome to CAiSE, and we hope that you have an exciting experience in our lovely city. We are ready to assist you. Our goal is to make you feel, at the end of this week, that it was a great choice to come!



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The final programme for CAiSE 2013 has been published here. You can also check the mobile version at this link. Enjoy the conference !!!

The list of accepted papers for the main track has been published. Further details can be found here

The deadline for the CAiSE Doctoral Consortium has been extended to the 19th of April. We encourage PhD students to send their reseach work and enjoy the CAiSE conference.


Registration for Caise 2013 Main Conference and Workshops is open!!! Registration process also includes the recommended acommodation. You can find further details here.